Coated or Polished?

If you find yourself trying to answer this, hopefully the following few details will help you along.

Coating and polishing will increase the durability and aesthetics of your floor. Both processes are customizable with many color options. However, coated floors offer endless colors as well as many different options of media that can be applied to achieve different looks, feels, grips and themes.

Polished floors provide a more natural appearance and feel. They can be ground to expose very little aggerate at all to a “salt and pepper” finish, or down to a full exposure of the aggerate within the concrete mix. Polished floors have a high aesthetic value, increase density and strength, and eliminate dust and shedding.

Most coated floor tend to be less natural in appearance but provide an impervious and hard protective barrier. Coatings provide superior protection from abrasions, chipping, and spalling. They are resistant to stains from oils, greases, and chemicals. A continuous coated surface becomes a sanitary, antimicrobial membrane suitable for even USDA grade environments.

Coated Vs. Polished


Our Coating Products

At Iconic we only use the highest quality coating manufacturers. From epoxies, poly aspartic to poly urea’s, we only install coatings that will allow us to offer our lifetime warranty on all residential installations. We also take the time to assess what coating or combination of coatings best suits your projects needs. No “one fits all” approach taken at Iconic Floor Coatings.

We offer nearly an unlimited number of colors and combinations of coatings. Below are just a few examples of coating colors we offer.

Prefer A Polished Floor?

We have a densify and burnish system that will achieve a polished finish at a fraction of the cost. Be it a clear more natural concrete look or one of our many-colored dyes, we can create a beautiful polished finish that comes with great durability in just a few days’ time.

Iconic coated surface benefits:

• Coating concrete increases the concretes durability and life by eliminating the porousness that can absorb oils, solvents and other fluids that not only leave undesirable stains but can even harm the integrity of the concrete over time.

• Eliminating the porousness of concrete, you can prevent it from harboring dirt, mold, and other bacteria. A coated floor becomes a hygienic, anti-microbial and easy to clean surface.

• Aesthetics…..a dull, stained and pitted concrete floor isn’t inviting nor clean feeling. Coating a floor creates a living space type feel, completely customizable with a range of colors to tie any space together. Coated concrete feels clean and finished.

• Overall safety. A coated floor can have various textures applied as well as anti-slip additives to maximize surface grip performance.

• Add value to your space. Residential, commercial, or industrial, a coated floor adds an upgraded feel and appearance that you can cash in on. Whether it’s the proven value added or an improved marketability, a coated space returns its investment every time.

Coating options available for an Iconic finish:
  • Prep grind and topcoat sealing only(pigmented or clear)
  • Vinyl flake
  • Quartz sand broadcast system
  • Free flow metallics
  • Mica metallic flake
  • Real wood chip
  • Glitter
  • Concrete overlays(brushed or custom textured finish)